Frequently Asked Questions

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I haven't received a Validation email

Your Account

I forgot my Username or Password
I would like to cancel my Upgrade Subscription
I would like to delete my account
I can't login, invalid username or password
I can't login, why is my account banned?

Sending Anonymous Email

Can anonymous email be traced back to me?
How can I remove the header and footer from anonymous email?
How long does it take to deliver anonymous email?
Can the reply address be removed?

Sending Anonymous SMS

Can anonymous SMS be traced back to me?
can I send my anonymous sms at a later date?
How long does it take to deliver Anonymous SMS?
What if the anonymous SMS is replied to?
Can I send anonymous sms to 'shortcodes'?
Is unicode (foreign languages) anonymous sms supported?

Disposable Email

Why does my disposable email address keep turning itself off?
Can my disposable email address be turned off automatically after one received email?
How can I tell which disposable email address received an email?
If I reply to a disposable email will my real email address be revealed?
I replied to a disposable email but received an error, why is this?
Why am I receiving spam through my disposable email address?

Billing & Payments

Do you accept methods of payment other than PayPal?
I just paid in cash at my local PayPoint store, when will it be credited to my account?
I just sent a Postal Order, when will it be credited to my account?


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