disposable email, what it is & how it works

Disposable email is a system to keep control over who can send you mail and when. The whole process is totally seamless, you don't need to change how you read your email. The only difference is that you never give anyone your personal email address! Every time someone asks you for your personal email address create a disposable one and give them that instead. Mail sent to this new disposable address is forward to your chosen personal address. If they send any unwanted email, a click of a button will reject all further mail from them!
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How It Works

For this example consider "personal@address.co.uk" to be your personal email address and "disposable@shiftmail.com" to be a disposable address you created and gave to XYZ.com when registering an account with them.

XYZ.com emails you on disposable@shiftmail.com, we receive the email on your behalf
We rewrite part to the email to ensure that any reply you send goes to us first.
We send this email to your personal address personal@address.co.uk
You reply as normal - no extra action to take.
We receive the reply first and strip out your personal email address personal@address.co.uk as the sender
We put in your disposable address disposable@shiftmail.com as the sender and send it to XYZ.com

If XYZ.com sends you spam, simply deactivate disposable@shiftmail.com and we will not send any email they send onto you!

We recommend you create a new disposable address each time you are asked for your personal address, this way you can deactivate the disposable addresses receiving spam and continue to receive mail to the rest of your disposable addresses in your personal email account.