Be anonymous

Ever wanted to send an anonymous email or anonymous SMS Text message that appears to came from an address or number you choose? Maybe you wanted to let a work colleague think he might be getting a promotion. You have come to the right place. Send anonymous email & SMS, you specify the "From :" field. Where they think the message is from is up to you!

Anonymous Email
Specify any Spoof/fake sender email address Didn't know it was possible? It is with Sharpmail!
Hide your IP address That number that identifys your computer, we remove it along with all your internet provider & location details.
Choose how replies are handled Either sent to your specified from address or back to your sharpmail inbox. How with a spoofed sender? Let our experts worry about that.
Super Fast Email Dedivery As we don't share our infrastructure with 1000's of other websites you reap the benefit of speed and scalability.
100% Money Back Guarantee Our basic service is FREE. However when you do make a purchase you get a 100% money back guarantee. We're sure you won't need it though.
Anonymous SMS
Specify any Spoof/fake sender id The number the SMS appears from can be any name or international number.
High quality, super fast Global network operator coverage We don't use cheap unreliable bulk SMS routes. We plug directly into the main global routes.
Absolutly NO advertising or markings on your SMS message Only what you type gets sent, we don't add a thing. No mobile/cell numbers are used or sold for 'marketing'
Receive replies instantly in your personal inbox at no cost to you. Standard charges for the sender.
No need to install software or any equipment You can even send anonymous SMS on the move with your phones browser!
Delay SMS delivery to any time and date. Now you can be present when your recipient recieves the text message
Disposable Email
Protect your email address Disable or enable particular contacts emailing you, when you see fit.
No need to change your email address Simply read your email in the normal way. The only change is you give out disposable addresses instead of your real email address
Reply from your current inbox Disposable email received is forward to you. Reply as normal and we handle the rest. ISP and IP info removed. The correct sender address is set to your disposable address and your reply sent to the recipient.
No advertising No adverts added by us and we absolutly do not sell email addresses!
Take control You decide who or when contacts are able to contact you. Only want the registration link? not a problem with disposable email.
Auto disable, subject tags and many more little additions to assist you in orgonising your email.

Great News!

Sharpmail has been established since 1999! Three distinctive services to offer, feature rich and a leader in it's class. Recieving Media recognition from international TV to magazines and national newspapers, Sharpmail really is the definitive choice. Don't be fooled by unreliable imitations. Register for free now!

100%,  No Hassle, Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident you will be impressed with what we have to offer that when you choose to pay for an enhanced service I offer a 14 day money back guarantee, no hassle. Don't wait - Register for free